The Elusive Pink

The favourite haunts of the IWFF Pink Salmon hunters.  For explicit directions to the best "holes" or "runs" consider making an appointment with the local seer in your area.  While the salmon may not be,  the local fishers are the most tight-lipped bunch on the coast.  Why it cost me a whole coffee to get the location of their favourite river out of them.  Tough bunch!!!


Dave Connolly with a good sized "volunteer"


Paul Inscho and Doug Peterson waiting for the next school of Pinks to come ashore.

Dave Newman with a reel handful.  The salmon looks good also ..

Gerry arrives.  The rains can't be far behind ........


Ahhh  the comforts of outdoor living.  No Hondagenerator OR solar cells for this crafty camper.   Plus the fishing was damn good for my first trip to the mecca of "Pink" land.

If you decide at some point to go fishing with Gerry Stevens.....  ?  SLAP yourself !!!!  That's me changing his tire ....

First Pink on a fly.  Next....?  The BBQ


And finally what we all wait for.  Triple honeyed Indian candy.


Bernie Andrew and Doug chasing the newly "stocked" pinks in Departure Bay. From the looks of the size they caught I think we should wait a couple more years for them to mature For the latest on the Pink Salmon in Nanaimo clickhere