Eve River 2002

Starting from July 19th to the 24th 20 members attended the fish out at the Eve River. We met other members at a later date at the Eve as well. Fishing at times was hot and at other times downright slow. There are rumors that the road may be gated off by the Tlowitsis Band who apparently now own the log sort at the Eve River. Some of our members have contacted the Band Office and it appears the Band would like to have our club's concerns sent to them by letter. It would be a shame not to be able to access the fine fishery at the Eve River. Hopefully some amicable arrangement can be made to the satisfaction of all concerned.

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Campsite at Eve River


Wayne Legge & Ralph Carlson

Cruise Ships were a common sight on Johnson Strait

Ken McLaughlin works a run. Thanks Ken for organizing the successful fishout.

Members and guests fishing the tidal portion of the river.

Fishing the estuary portion of the Eve River.


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