Saturday Fly Tying

During the winter all day fly tying is held at the Oliver Woods  Recreational center, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. once a month. Turn outs have been very good. The pictures below are from the March session.

This session had a special treat as Wayne Pealo showed video on fly fishing in New Zealand during the lunch break.

Lloyd Erickson, Doug Peterson, Andrew Cathers, Bernie Heinrichs,and Don Ginter watch the video.

Ray Honig, Ron Moll and Jack Toomer watch  from the other side.

Wayne Legge, Ron Bushche and Peter Huyghbaert.

Frank Charmley, Dan Kowarski, Bob Kissinger, Bob Leverman

Harold Tinling and Frank Perilli

Bob Leverman

Ray Honig arranges his treasures.

Doug Peterson and Andrew Cathers

Dan Kowarski

Frank Charmley

Jack Toomer