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Club Activities Post June 1

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Other Items

(Including activities earlier in the year)

2017 Calendar of Events

2016-17 Executive

Responses to Monthly Questions


Muddling Along Series

Now located in the Members Page

Panther Lake (Dec 24)

Chemainus Lake (Dec 11)

Green Lake (Nov 2016)

Diver Lake (Nov 6, 2016)

Westwood Lake (Nov 21/16)

Minutes of Meetings

Nov 2016 AGM

Nov 15

Oct 25

Sep 27

May 24

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March 22

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Merry Christmas IWFF’rs

IWFF 2016 Christmas Party and Auction

Departure Bay Riparian Planting Report

Spey Casting Clinic Nov 13 Report

IWFF Christmas Party Dec 7th


IWFF Water Monitoring

Millstone River RDN-USHP Survey Report

MP – Nanaimo River Nov 6 Fishing Report

Chum Fest 2016 Post Mortem

Millstone River Oct 18

Convincing Killer Mouse Patterns

Spey Casting Clinic Nov 2016

BCFFF 2016 Fall edition FlyLines

Chum Fest 2016

Nanaimo Rivers Day Report

IWFF Fly Tying Saturday 2016 Schedule

Nanaimo Rivers Day

Reminder Reminder Reminder

Chum Flies

Watershed Monitoring

IWFF New Meeting Location Map

Rivers Day September 25

BCFFF First Annual  Pink Salmon Social

Eve R Crapper Caper 2016

Look What Jeorge Caught

Divas-on-the-Fly 2016

Report on Millstone Stream Assessment


BCFFF Steelhead Position Paper

CFF Auction

Wild Salmon Policy Consultation

Strait of Georgia Escapement Bulletin #4

Oct 27 Sport Fish Advisory Meeting

DFO 2016 Strait of Georgia Escapement Bulletin_#1_23_Sept_2016

Walker Bay Boat for Sale

Chinook Preservation Critical

Fly Fishers Treasure Trove

Fly Fisher Treasure Trove Reply

Alex Merriman

International Fly-Fishing Film Festival

BC Salmon Farming

PSF salmon education crowdfunding live

New Blog Post on Voyage for Salmon

Pitt River Lodge Fishing Trip

Irish Angler

Rod/reel/line For Sale

Cumberland Fly Shop

Fly Tying Defined

The Warm Water Anomaly

Cowichan River Clean-Up

DFO a No-Show, WHY??

Operation Virus Hunter Update

Dying Farm Salmon

Departure Bay Smolt Trap Update

Basher, Kids and Crayfish

Why I Fish

BCFFF Flylines Spring Edition

First Lake Fish/Campout May 13-15

Departure Bay Creek Smolt Trap

April 28th Casting Clinic Westwood Lake

Chilcotin June Fish-Out

Kissinger Lake Campout UPDATE

Annual IWFF Kissinger Lake Campout and Fishout April 15 - 17
Oyster River Hatchery Tour April 5

IWFF Swap Meet April 2

ASSS Road Tour March 30

The Roche Lake Quest

IWFF Fly-Ty-A-Thon 2016

Harry’s Photos Series #2

Cowichan River Walkabout Map is located in the members page

Cowichan River Walkabout

Harry’s Photo Series #1

2016-17 Time Line Letter Final DFO

Preliminary 2016 Salmon Outlook

Stream Talks

Letter from Erica Blake, DFO

Flylines Winter 2016

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