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Calendar of Events Fall 2017/Winter 2018

2017 Executive and Committees

2018 Executive and Committees



Muddling Along Series

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Minutes of Meetings

Nov 2017 AGM

Nov 2017 General Meeting


Spey Casting Clinic Dec 18

(MP) Marble Lake Fishing Report

(MP) Spider Lake Fishing Report

(MP) IWFF 2017 Christmas Party

(MP) Gear Test Puntledge River

(MP) Water Monitoring Millstone River

(MP) Chum Fest 2017

Millstone River Bank Stabilization

Napoleon Creek Otolith Recovery

Pink Salmon Egg Takes Quinsam Hatchery

(MP) Kamloops area Fishing Report

Clipping coho adipose fins

(MP) Footloose on Van Is. Berryman Cove

IWFF Rafting/Fishout Cowichan River July 25

IWFF 2017-18 Fly Tying Saturday Schedule

(MP) Eve River Fishing Report July29

Summary of Pink Returns to Eve 2009 - present

Glass Bead Pink Flies and Bondic

Shelton Lake Enrichment Program Begins

Watershed Monitoring Volunteers Reguired

(MP) Lundbom Lake May 28 Fishing Rept.

(MP) Panther Lake May 28 Fishing Report

(MP) Westwood Lake Casting Clinic Report

(MP) NDSS Casting and Fly Tie Pics

(MP) Reginald Lake Fishout June 5 - 9

(MP) Kamloops Lakes Fishing Report May 7-14

(MP) ChemainusEstuary Walkabout Report

(MP) Notes on Beach Fishing Pinks and Coho

(MP) Kissinger Lake Fishout Report Apr 21 -23

Westwood Lake Casting Clinic May 24

(MP) Reginald Lake

(MP) Green Lake April 8

(MP) Salmon River April 7

NDSS Student fly tie and casting workshop and Swap and Shop

(MP) Englishman R Cast Out March 31

(MP) Echo Lake Fishout Report March 30

(MP) Fuller Lake Fishout Report March 30

(MP) Green Lake Fishout Report March 25

(MP) Green Lake Fishout Report March 21

(MP) Green Lake Fishout Report

(MP) OK Lake Revisited

(MP) Englishman River Bug Out March 9th

NDSS Swap Meet April 8

Departure Creek Smolt Trap

Fly Tie Saturday Mar 4 Report

(MP) Stellako River Fishing Report

(MP)Tobin Lake Fishing Report Feb 25

(MP) IWFF Introductory Package for New Members

(MP) Millstone R Update

(MP) Fletcher Lake Flashback Feb 27

(MP) Oyster River Feb 21

Many Thanks

(MP) Cowichan Lake, First Brown Feb 8

(MP) Greetings from Kona

(MP) Eve River Ė Thoughts, Stories and Observations

(MP) Awesome Day on the Cowichan

(MP) LookWhat I Caught

(MP) IWFF Bug Page


Documentary Fly Fishing Patagonia

BCFFF FlylinesFall2017

Dep Bay Creek Update Sep 21

Vancouver Islands Hydromet Stations

BCFFF April Update

BCFFF SpringFlylines2017

Rosewall Creek Restoration Workshop Summary pics

Once Upon a Day in Cowichan

NDSS Swap and Shop Poster

Mystery Virus Solved

How Did BCís Salmon Do in 2016

A Short Film Chum Salmon Return 2016

Anglerís Worst Nightmare

Growing Bigger Vancouver Is. Trout

BCFFF position paper

BCFFF January Issue of Flylines

How to Mend

(MP) BC Stocking Report

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