An IWFF Erection to Be Proud Of ..

Six members of the IWFF headed north to erect their contender for "Best Biffy On The Island".  While the trip was long and hard, the task at hand was easily brought to conclusion when everyone pitched in with relish (and mustard).  The climax of the event was the final shots taken by your erstwhile photographer in front of the entry.

Mike Fall, Bob Kissinger, Bernie Hienrichs, Ron Busche, Brian Lapadat and Mike Orr made up the construction team that brought this idea to fruition.  A worthy project for the IWFF.  Special thanks to Mike Fall for the use of his vehicle to transport the project to it's new resting spot.

A New Beginning

Brian looks on while Bernie marks out the footings.


Ron In Motion

Brian, Ron and Bernie turning the first piece of sod for this momentous occasion.  Ron's face is slightly blurred because he was eager to get started and just wouldn't stand still

Pathway Under Construction

Mike and Bernie hard at work on the path down to the site.  Bob (obviously deep in thought) appears to be holding that tree up.

Indian Artifact

If that's an Indian arrowhead we are in deep doo-doo  ....   Wait ....  that's why we are here isn't it?  To erect a resting place for that aforementioned doo-doo ...  Down 1 foot and Ron is already slowing down as indicated by the clear shot of his face.  Bob is still holding that damn tree up.