Spring Casting Clinic

With five instructors on hand it turned out to be a great evening of casting.  Wayne Pealo, Jim McCoy, John Snook and Paul Inscho guided an enthusiastic group through their paces on the beach at Westwood lake.  Master organizer Mike Orr was even able to round up a couple of females to spruce up the place.  Wayne Pealo's grandson, Nick Ketteringham was the youngest of the group and had obviously cast a fly line before.  This is the age group that we would love to get interested in this sport.

Wayne Pealo showing Bernie Heinrichs the finer points.

Sue Orr and Jeanne Winters under the watchful eye of instructor John Snook

John Snook giving encouragement to Doug Winters

Jack Toomer, Jim McCoy (instructor-from the back), Larry Miller and Harold Tinling discussing single hauling.

Sue Orr.  Wrist locked and elbow close to her side.  All my time and money has finally paid off.....

The youngest of the group, Nick Ketteringham could throw a line with the best of them.  Being related to instructor Wayne Pealo could explain why ....

Jeanne Winters found out what a "wind" knot was all about.  Lucky for her that Doug was on hand with the clippers.

Ron Busche didn't have time to stop and talk.  He was determined to execute the perfect cast.  From this point it looked like a nice back cast in the making.