Nanaimo Hatchery Open House

 IWFF members participated in the open house at the hatchery along with the Nanaimo Fish and Game Association. We are invited  to participate and members help with open house activities along with fly tying and casting.

The "draw".  Reportedly 200 rainbow trout from the Duncan Hatchery.

Bernie H. setting up the rods in preparation.

Before ANY kids (well any YOUNG kids) got a chance a few members of the IWFF decided to do a "test" fishery.  Looks like Ron M. found the right pattern

Bernie was having a tough time picking the ones out of the air.  Most of the fish he catches aren't able to get this high


Big sister lends a hand to the younger.  Any bets on who is the most excited?

The look tells it all ....  On BOTH of them!

Ever see your child this happy when sitting and WATCHING a sport?

John E. and Andrew C's 12 year old son Kyle "At The Bench"