Salmon in the City

At times one has the experience of volunteering for a project that becomes etched into one memory. For members of the IWFF the Millstone salmon bypass construction  was also a project we are all proud to be to be associated with. It was a contribution in kind and we were able to share with other members. It also was a time to get to know each other better and a time for sharing stories, experiences and perhaps some lies. After all, we are all fishermen, aren't we?

 We also appreciated the work done by the Nanaimo Fish and Game Club. Steve Corscadden headed their efforts In financing and volunteers.  We also got to know Bob Morris especially when he and Steve often brought the volunteers coffee.  It was something I looked forward to on my shifts. Bernie Heinrichs of our club worked with Steve and Bob on scheduling shifts for our club's contributions.

During the construction phase of the project the Millstone Parkway was closed to vehicle traffic and we as volunteer teams answered questions from the public about the project, directed foot and bicycle traffic around the construction zone, and provided site security during daylight hours . A professional security firm was contracted for site security during nighttimes' hours.

Doug, Bob and Bill from the IWFF on duty

We had a view of the construction as well.

Kevin Lafond was the site supervisor.


Pictures above provided by Bernie Henrichs  
Thanks to Mel Sheng for providing the information and pictures on the construction of the bypass. This can be seen by clicking on the links on the right .


List of Contractors