Crapper Caper -2

On the 7th July 2010 a band of stalwart fly fishermen strode forth yet once more to take up the challenge of the "Crapper Caper".
This band of merry men consisted of drivers Mike Fall and  JacK Toomer, designated diggers Bernie Heinrichs,Brian Lapadat and Ron Busche,chief wall holder Paul Inscho, head weed-wacker Rick Wanhill, designated fisherman ,Jim. a Parksville import and master craftsman Bob Kissinger.
We all arrived at the Eve by about 9:30 ish a.m. It was a lovely clear bright morning. The designated diggers were quickly  dispatched to the chosen site which had been carefully surveyed the  year before (yup that looks O.K.)
In almost no time at all the hole was dug, ( a little over size) and the crapper erected (lots of nails and a few well placed  adjustment kicks)
It was them time for a hearty but  healthy lunch of gourmet smokies and beer.
After lunch some of the lads went to the river to look for fish that were not trout because Jim,( the designated fisherman and Parksville import,) had caught two fish which  were also not trout. Jim, being a sly fellow  had sworn all of the merry men on a blood oath not to reveal the  true nature of fish hence it was not a surprise when the lads came back from the river to report that they too had seen fish that were also not trout .
Having completed their task and having seen fish that were not trout, the merry men left for home to await the next quest.
The end.

Submitted by Bernie Heinrichs and Bob Kissinger

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