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 2012 Fly Fishing Expeditions





Fish Tales




IWFF expeditions are usually planned on a very informal basis.  A suggestion might be posted at one of the weekly lunch get-together's at the locations posted on the Home Page and if others agree, plans are made.  (by the way lunch is on Wednesdays starting at about 11:30 AM, bring a guest and join us.)

The picture links below are likely to be PowerPoint slide shows. They take a while to download to you computer but the quality is good. You will be asked to open the show (click on open). Then use the arrows in the bottom left corner to move through the slides. Trust me, the arrows are there, they may not show up too well. You can also use the arrows on the bottom right of your keyboard. Use the left and right arrows.

To view the PowerPoint shows(.pps) you need a PowerPoint viewer.  Click on the link below to download and install. PowerPoint is widely used on the internet email and websites to show slides and movies as well. Need help?  





Eve River

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Little Qualicum River






Spider lake





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Thompson River

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Nanaimo River

Nanaimo River Outings

Alaska Trip

Somass River

Panther Lake


Campbell River

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