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IWFF Projects






Fish Tales



This is a collection of projects and activities the IWFF have participated in our community. They range from building a biffy at a fishing campsite to working with cancer survivors in Divas on the Fly. They also include working on a salmon enhancement project  in 2007 which showed results within weeks.



Fly Fishing Course Timetable



Chase River Culvert final report.pdf

Culvert Project slideshow on YouTube

Chase River Culvert

2012 Nanaimo Hatchery Activities


2011 Nanaimo Hatchery brood Stock

2010 Coho


Iwff at Hatchery

by Mike Orr

Divas on the FLY

DIVAS on the FLY 2

DIVAS on the Fly 2010   Part 1 , & Part 2

Other "Divas on the Fly" Projects


Here is a project that our Club can really be proud about being a participant in. Hats off to Wayne and all the members who contributed to its success.




Salmon Stream Enhancement

Dover Bay Student  Classes

Second Erection


IWFF Erection

Nanaimo Hatchery Open House

Casting Clinic

BCFFF Rafffle